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High Tea for Habitat

As part of my efforts to see my friends more, and at the same time have fun raising money for a fantastic cause, I’m holding a ‘High Tea for Habitat’ next month. Scones and macaroons aren’t my strong suit so I’m not sure how traditionally ‘high tea’ this high tea will be but there will be as much yummy food as I can muster, tea (in a pot, of course), coffee and champers! Should be fun.



The year ahead

A couple of exciting things on the horizon this year. 

About 10 years ago I first started thinking a lot about the issue of adult literacy. I wondered at the time if there would be any scope to get something to help people off the ground at my local church but I never pursued it. It’s popped into my mind on and off ever since but for whatever reason I’ve lacked the time or opportunity.

Last year I finally made some phone calls and contacted some local organisations with the thought that I might be able to get involved once I stopped full-time work. It looks like I will probably start a 10-week training course with the Waverley Adult Literacy Program in April. It could lead to volunteer tutoring one-on-one, in small groups or classes. I’m excited.

The other horizon-dweller is just a maybe at this point. Again, been on my mind for about 10 years but having enough time has always been an obstacle. I’d really love to enrol in a subject via correspondence at Moore Theological College. Not for any qualification per se (Certificate of Theology in this case) but purely for the knowledge (and hopefully wisdom!) I’d get from the study. 

I just need to spend a lot more time thinking about whether I can actually do it with enough time to enjoy it and it not become drag. Otherwise there’s no point. We’ll see.

The inaugural post

Whoa…so much pressure. What to say? What to write? If first impressions count for as much as I think they might, I better go away and come back with something better than this. Back soon

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