The year ahead

A couple of exciting things on the horizon this year. 

About 10 years ago I first started thinking a lot about the issue of adult literacy. I wondered at the time if there would be any scope to get something to help people off the ground at my local church but I never pursued it. It’s popped into my mind on and off ever since but for whatever reason I’ve lacked the time or opportunity.

Last year I finally made some phone calls and contacted some local organisations with the thought that I might be able to get involved once I stopped full-time work. It looks like I will probably start a 10-week training course with the Waverley Adult Literacy Program in April. It could lead to volunteer tutoring one-on-one, in small groups or classes. I’m excited.

The other horizon-dweller is just a maybe at this point. Again, been on my mind for about 10 years but having enough time has always been an obstacle. I’d really love to enrol in a subject via correspondence at Moore Theological College. Not for any qualification per se (Certificate of Theology in this case) but purely for the knowledge (and hopefully wisdom!) I’d get from the study. 

I just need to spend a lot more time thinking about whether I can actually do it with enough time to enjoy it and it not become drag. Otherwise there’s no point. We’ll see.

Words I like: drizzle

It’s drizzling right now, in fact. Well, I think it is. Just looked up the meteorological definition of ‘drizzle’ in the Macquarie Dictionary: ‘precipitation consisting of numerous, minute droplets of water less than 0.5 mm in diameter’. So I can’t be entirely sure.

Curved white line fever


When one sporting season closes, another opens. Last night saw the first game of AFL for the year: Bombers v West Coast in NAB Cup. Let me add my voice to the choir of people singing ‘I can’t believe the footy’s back already’.

Watching some of the game last night, I decided this might be the year I try to relearn who’s in my team, Essendon. I have no rights to say ‘my team’, to be honest. I am indeed a fairweather supporter, and my days of flag making and waving are long over. Last night, I only recognised two players. Pathetic!

That may be soon about to change, however, with Greg about to sign up for SuperCoach for the first time this season. It might be time I got back on the bandwagon.

Straight white line fever

Well, the tennis came and went and I overindulged to the point of near destruction.

We spent the middle Saturday of the tournament ensconced in Rod Laver Arena and had a fantastic day watching Sam Stosur, The Fed!, and the tedious Venus Williams. She’s the slowest player between points I’ve ever seen. So frustrating to watch.

However my tennis binge was mostly due to us spending the second week of the tournament in Coffs Harbour and it being so humid that the only bearable pursuit (apart from a swim at the beach) was to plonk down on the couch with the air conditioner at my back and my in-laws’ lovely, large telly to the front.

I think I watched every one of the Fed’s matches during the Open. Oh how I love him! And this is a husband-approved love. He admits the elegance and class of the Fed (who bears an uncanny resemblance to my brother) can’t be denied. 

But all binges must come to end, usually with a crash, thud or hangover. Mine was a crash of tiredness that meant I missed most of the grand, Federer finale. After a tiring day’s travel home (two flights with a squirming 10-month-old) I settled in to watch the men’s final, thankful it was the last match I ‘had’ to watch for the next 11 months. And then, I fell asleep.

Too much of a good thing… 

(And, by the way, I didn’t once hear Gary Wilkinson’s voice during the Australian Open coverage.)

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