Prayer of surrender

Here’s a wonderful prayer of surrender I found on Mindy Caliguire’s website,

i am a humble, lowly servant woman.
take me … all of me.
add anything, take anything away.
at any cost, at any price.
make me yours completely, wholly.
may i not be remembered for the
way i wear my hair, or the shape of
my face, or the people i know,
or the crowds I’ve addressed. may i
be known for loving You … for carrying
a dream … for building bridges to
the hurt and broken and lost in the
world. make me what You would be if
you lived in person where i do. may
everything accomplished through my
simple life bring honour and glory to
You. take my human flaws and
failures and use them to remind
those who know me that only
You are God and i will
always just be _______.

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