Straight white line fever

Well, the tennis came and went and I overindulged to the point of near destruction.

We spent the middle Saturday of the tournament ensconced in Rod Laver Arena and had a fantastic day watching Sam Stosur, The Fed!, and the tedious Venus Williams. She’s the slowest player between points I’ve ever seen. So frustrating to watch.

However my tennis binge was mostly due to us spending the second week of the tournament in Coffs Harbour and it being so humid that the only bearable pursuit (apart from a swim at the beach) was to plonk down on the couch with the air conditioner at my back and my in-laws’ lovely, large telly to the front.

I think I watched every one of the Fed’s matches during the Open. Oh how I love him! And this is a husband-approved love. He admits the elegance and class of the Fed (who bears an uncanny resemblance to my brother) can’t be denied. 

But all binges must come to end, usually with a crash, thud or hangover. Mine was a crash of tiredness that meant I missed most of the grand, Federer finale. After a tiring day’s travel home (two flights with a squirming 10-month-old) I settled in to watch the men’s final, thankful it was the last match I ‘had’ to watch for the next 11 months. And then, I fell asleep.

Too much of a good thing… 

(And, by the way, I didn’t once hear Gary Wilkinson’s voice during the Australian Open coverage.)

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