Itch to stitch

I’ve never been a crafty person. Well sure, like everyone, I have the odd moments of cunning and skill but that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking potpourri sachets, folk art, doilies and the like…just never been my bag.

My mum is a great sewer and while I’ve inherited her love for beautiful fabric and appreciation of a well-made garment, I never enjoyed any attempts at sewing. Same with knitting.

Anyhoo, last year I felt like trying to turn my hand to something and remembered a little embroidery kit ┬ásomeone gave me as a birthday present when I was little, can’t remember what it was. What I could remember is that I really liked doing it so thought I’d give it a try.

I bought a kit to see if I did like it and was shocked by how much I did. So, onwards and upwards, I recently completed my first ‘project’, a cot blanket for my son. Can’t tell you how satisfying it was the first night I tucked him in with it.

It’s so relaxing. Who’d have thunk it? I love to stitch. Now I just need to convert my similarly non-crafty friends so we can sit around together for some ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions.

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