Not inner-city enough to be hip, too urban for rural charm and serenity. Welcome to life somewhere in the middle; this is my life in the ‘burbs. It’s a fairly stock standard existence but I love it. Keeping me company in life are my husband, my baby son, Lionel (our handsome Golden Retriever), and a much-loved ensemble cast of friends and family. There’s also a couple of fish that probably aren’t really worth a mention.

I won’t pretend. This blog is purely for me. To brush up some rapidly rusting writing skills, hopefully improve along the way, to have something to look back on as life marches onward and launch thoughts, ideas and the odd photo or two into the void.

We all need to express ourselves somehow, somewhere and, for me, writing’s always done the trick. It helps me work out what I think. It’s fun to look back on thoughts of past years and see how my opinions/beliefs/perceptions have changed. It’s the best reminder for today to remain teachable and not shut up shop in the thinking department.

But life’s not all navel-gazing and soul-searching. There’s plenty of beer and skittles (or the beverage and game of your choosing) and you’ll find my version of that here too. 

I hope you enjoy your visit. If you feel the urge to comment, go right ahead. It’d be great to connect.

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